Big news! Wuhan Harvest Company's new website officially launched

The old version of the website has been in operation for many years. In order to meet the needs of enterprise development, after six months of careful preparation, the official website of Wuhan Harvest Company has completed a new revision and officially launched for operation.

We will inherit and carry forward the principle of focusing on customers and providing attentive service, and continue to provide you with high-quality and efficient services, as well as high-quality and affordable products.

Complete layout optimization functions

There are six sections set up: "About Us", "Products", "Knowledge", "Service", "News", and "Contact Us".

The page design is simple and intuitive, with clear hierarchy. When you use it, you can directly find various sections on the homepage, making it easy and fast to find the information you need.

We have also opened two website access methods, computer and mobile, to meet your usage needs in different environments. With just one finger, you can search and log in to the website.

Product optimization takes the path of specialization

As a professional manufacturer of vacuum accessories, we combine the characteristics of customers in different regions and consider from a customer perspective, continuously providing valuable products and services. This product brochure has been fully upgraded, ensuring that every customer returns satisfied.

After the new website is launched, we will continue to focus on user experience, keep up with the times, satisfy customers and employees, and look forward to your valuable feedback!