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Headquartered in Wuhan City, we have two factories in Donggu an and Wenzhou, one factory in Huanggang,a R&D office in Shenzhen.We keep a reasonable inventory of over 1700 types of regular vacuum products, ensuring immediate shipment for standard purchases.
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Reasonable inventory of conventional
Workers and Technology
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Comprehensive material supply chain management system
To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and customer requirements from the source, Harvest has implemented a comprehensive material supply chain management system.
Outstanding and creative technical team
Harvest prioritizes staff training and development to continuously improve production efficiency through innovation and the latest technological advancements, while also strictly adhering to industry standards.
Standardized production process, advanced production equipment and dust-free production environment
Our production processes are standardized and executed in a superior, dust-free workshop environment, equipped with robotic welding platforms and automated packaging machines, ensuring consistent and reliable product quality. We also maintain appropriate inventory levels for standard products to reduce production costs and expedite delivery times.
Provide customized services,prompt after-sales Support
At Harvest, we provide customized services and tailored one-on-one solutions to meet the unique usage requirements of each customer. With Harvest, after-sales service is accessible 24/7.
Our products are exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia
Experts from various fields such as planning, operation, performance, design, and imaging gather together to create the best activities with the best collaborative effect
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Integrity based
Plant and equipment
Vacuum systems are widely used in the semiconductor field, including single crystal furnaces in the production of semiconductor large silicon wafers, lithography machines, etching machines, thin film deposition equipment, ion implantation machines, and molding equipment in the sealing and testing process.
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Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of vacuum application technology, which has been widely applied in fields such as optics, electronics, energy development, physical and chemical instruments, construction machinery, packaging, civil products, surface science, and scientific research.
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Vacuum systems also have important applications in precision machining, such as vacuum sawing, vacuum welding, etc. In a vacuum environment, the excellent properties of many materials can be maintained or even improved.
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Vacuum systems can be used in various chemical reactions and processes, providing an environment that can be processed in low-pressure or vacuum environments, making certain specific chemical processes possible and helping to improve product purity, quality, and production efficiency.
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The vacuum metallurgy of metals and their alloys in vacuum has a wide range of processes, including vacuum distillation, vacuum separation of ores and their semi-finished products, vacuum reduction of metal compounds, vacuum degassing and refining of molten steel outside the furnace, metal vacuum melting, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, and vacuum solid bonding.
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Vacuum systems are widely used in the biopharmaceutical industry, utilizing vacuum for drying (tray, rotary, drum, cone, and freeze dryer), regeneration/reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization/evaporation, filling, and/or material transfer. These technologies play a huge role in the production process of drugs.
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In scientific research, some experiments that require exploring the properties of matter and detecting celestial bodies require a high vacuum environment. High vacuum conditions can significantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of experiments, which is of great help to scientific research.
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Vacuum plays a huge role in the process of pulsed laser deposition, as it can improve material performance, increase material purity, improve the accuracy and consistency of laser deposition, and reduce pollution and defects. Therefore, in laser deposition, the application of vacuum can not only improve the quality and performance of the workpiece, but also expand its application range and meet more manufacturing needs.
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Vacuum systems can accelerate the motion of ion beams: in some accelerators, nuclear fusion devices, and plasma physics experiments, it is necessary to perform in a vacuum environment to ensure the motion of ion beams and the interaction between particles.
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Last News
Trends in Vacuum Process Technology
At the beginning of the 20th century, the use of vacuum as an industrial process technology was just emerging, driven by the invention of the electric light. The introduction of the radio and television, both of which depended on vacuum tubes, helped expand that demand. Then, in the 1950s and 60s, the growing use of solid state transistors led many industry pundits to predict the imminent demise of vacuum processing — especially in the electronics industry. As we near the end of the first decade of the 21st century, however, vacuum process technology is alive and well, and solid state electronics has become the technology’s biggest driver.
Work Extra Shifts to Catch Up with Urgent Lead Time during Golden Week Holidays
Wuhan Harvest has entered the busiest season of the year. With economy booming in US, Europe and China, demands for vacuum components, welding fittings and valves are overwhelmingly increasing. To meet the urgent demands of our regular clients, we have to shorten scheduled holidays and work extra shifts to ship our products to our clients as soon as possible.
Two New Production Line Set Up for Manways and Accesss Doors
China's market for sanitary processing equipment is booming. We have received increasing requests for manways and access doors. To meet the demand from our existing and potential customers, Wuhan Harvest Engineering Co Ltd set up two production lines for manways and access doors.
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